Machines utilized for the Molding of PVC

PVC is one of the important using products in our day life because in every home we are using PVC pipe to pump out water from tank. PVC is used widely because of its special like insulation properties from electrical power over high range of temperature, long life & cost is less. To produces a quality PVC material we have to use special PVC Molding Machine. The major problem in producing PVC product is that, the gas formed after mol ding PVC, corrodes the machinery parts.

The nozzle size is varies by control unit but major issue is the nozzle size should meet with hydraulic pressure to get the large torque. Those are the arrangements done in PVC machine to get the quality materials. The advantage of the PVC machine is that their life span is high.PVC molding machine

PVC molding machine uses an anti acidic & high bear resistance bimetallic barrel set to strengthen long durability. Additionally, its fan appliance could resourcefully manage the heat temperature of the barrel set, for stopping the burning circumstance of the PVC material occurring within the barrel. PVC series is more appropriate useful for pressure fitting productions. Its machinery features are described as follows:

Clamping Unit

  • It is Equipped with a 5-point high velocity toggle mechanism for guaranteeing extending clamping stroke, fast mold clamping, stabilizing the movement of clamping mechanism & rising the forming rate of completed articles.
  • Usage of proportion flow vale is to make sure the constancy of the clamping circuit.
  • Integrate hydraulic circuit is to lessen the oil temperature & loss efficiently.
  • Robotic mould height adjusted system.

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