Dakumar offers the best agents support and customer comfortable services

Recently years, Dakumar, plastic injection machine exporter, has more and more agents in each continent and the services of injection moulding machine agents are improved completely. Now our injection machine agents spread Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, Jordan, Vietnam, Syria, and Pakistan and so on.Injection Machine Agent

Under the injection machine agent terms, our agent has the right for selling 5HMOLDING brand plastic injection machines and related parts and related accessory equipment. Besides, our agent has the responsibility to establish an agent example machine’s showing room. Dakumar, as a supplier, we will deliver some popular machine to agent countries as a sample machine, offer agents our machine catalogue and technical information and also help agents to advertising.

With the help of our agents, Dakumar will give customer good quality machine after sales services in agent area. Since we have so many agent stations, customer could contact our nearest machine agent and ask for technical support. To help clients to solve all problems is our aim. No matter operation problem or adjusting difficult, our injection machine agent will offer you prompt and positive after sale services. What’s more, in agent area, injection machine agents have its after sales service team which has been technical training curriculum by Dakumar senior engineer. If in the future, some technical problem agent teams have no ability to solve, we will send our major technical engineers go to agent area and help to solve.

In addition, as a direct supplier, Dakumar also will help our injection moulding machine agents to market promotion support. We will help to design the machine home page, product catalogue, promotion material and related exhibition to work with the local agents. Either the support cost or information, we, Dakumar Company, will try our best to give agents best support and offer customer comfortable service.

If you need more information regarding to injection machine agents, please feel free to contact me. To get a deep knowledge about Injection Machine Agent, please go through my website http://www.dakumar.com/


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