Things to consider when buying Molding Machines

Dakumar provides injection machine to the whole world, such as North America, South Africa, Europe, Africa, Asia and so on. Molding machine supplier professional production plastic injection machine, complete set of auxiliary machinery (chiller, dryer, color mixed, cooling tower, Auto Loader Machines …).Auto Loader Machines

Dakumar design injection machine with safety protection, during machine opening and operation, there are many accidents happened in the worldwide. This is also the reason why now in most of European countries, only CE standard molding machine are acceptable by customers. Molding machine suppliers install machine computer screen with secret code, in case of accidentally press. They have to make sure that no matter under semi automatic of full- automatic condition, if open the front door, the machine will stop work at once, but the machine is still under heating and motor still work.

Molding machine suppliers in China can tell you how to choose injection machine. For injection machine, clamping capacity is one of the very critical things. Clamping force means the max strength of the machine plate to clamp moulds. When we producing thin wall products, molding machine clamping capacity is very important, because the thickness of the wall is thin, if the clamping force is not strong enough, when mould close and do plastic injection, the molding area is hot, and internal pressure will push to divide the core and cavity, in this case, if the clamping strength is not big enough, flash will easily happens to the plastic parts. So when you buy a molding machine, please kindly consider molding machine clamping capacity.

Dakumar provides customer rock bottom price, shortest delivery time, high quality products and convenient transport. If you have new project about molding machine, please feel free to contact us.


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