Machines for the PET Injection Moulding having better molding standards

A special series is designed for PET material performing. Its mature design satisfied all the customers in PET performing.

As per the material property of PET & the molding requirement of it, the experienced engineer team designed the PET machine especially for the application.PET Preform Moulding Machines

 PET machine basic specification:

  1. Large diameter bolt design & L or D ratio.
  2.  Good plasticization capability.
  3. Comprehensive machine structure, distended space among the tie bars, mold open stork, mold thickness, & discharge stroke.
  4. 4 or above stage accurate temperature PID manage for barrel.
  5. Spring nuzzle used for PET machine which is below 400T, a hydraulic plunger for 400T, meeting the customers’ particular requirements by efficiently avoiding the overflow.
  6. PET Dehumidify dryer chosen for the PET resin’s particular demands of eliminating the moisture.
  7. Suitable for both varied pump & stander pump.

Cavities PET Perform Moulding Machines obtainable is a well recognized machine for better molding standards being employed in its construction. The pet preform moulds are supported by well examined process technology that permits us to make certain in these accuracy finish structure standards & best functional values. Here, we have successfully developed advanced hot runner preform moulds from 1 cavity to 24 cavities for standard neck pets. Other than that, we also have 2 series perform tool designs where one series adopts rectifying system for performs wall thickness & the other one is standard structure. The specification those are made available in include Cavity of 16, Length(mm) of 810, Width(mm) of 400, Thickness(mm) of 520 & Weight(kg) of 1300. To get a deep knowledge about PET Preform Moulding Machines, please go through my website


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