DAKUMAR’s Plastic Injection Machine models and their functions

Plastic injection machine have many different models, such as standard plastic injection machine, servo motor plastic injection machine, variable plastic injection machine, high speed plastic injection machine, dual color injection machine, PVC injection machine and PET injection machine.Plastic Injection Machine

No matter for which type machine, it all include adjust unit, hydraulic unit, clamping unit and injection unit, electronically controlled unit.

Adjustment unit function: automatic mold height adjustment saves the time and cost during the mold changing.

Hydraulic unit function: the hydraulic system using the world famous pump and control valve can ensuring the precision, reliability and durability of whole machine.

Clamping unit function: The plates were designed using FEM software, ensuring a stable and rigid clamping system. Five-point inward moving double toggle system ensures high rigidity and precision for mould clamping and also reducing stress and strain effects.

Injection unit function: Dual-pillar supporting and dual-cylinder injection balance device ensures the stress on screw balanced during injection. Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements.

Electronically controlled unit function: CPU controller and display and display are independent and reliable. A larger color LCD screen enhances clear display and supports multi-language compatibility. The control system also supports remote monitor. In the event of a control problem, the machine can be connected to internet through a special interface.

A screen saver function extends the LCD life. Ultra bright LED is provided for input and output point inspection and machine service. A data hardware lock is provided to prevent unauthorized people from modifying the molding parameter and affecting the machine performance. Closed Loop pid barrel temperature control. Dust and waterproof control cabinets provide a neat and tidy enclosure all the electrical control components. To get a deep knowledge about Plastic Injection Machine, please go through my website http://www.dakumar.com/


Things to consider when buying Molding Machines

Dakumar provides injection machine to the whole world, such as North America, South Africa, Europe, Africa, Asia and so on. Molding machine supplier professional production plastic injection machine, complete set of auxiliary machinery (chiller, dryer, color mixed, cooling tower, Auto Loader Machines …).Auto Loader Machines

Dakumar design injection machine with safety protection, during machine opening and operation, there are many accidents happened in the worldwide. This is also the reason why now in most of European countries, only CE standard molding machine are acceptable by customers. Molding machine suppliers install machine computer screen with secret code, in case of accidentally press. They have to make sure that no matter under semi automatic of full- automatic condition, if open the front door, the machine will stop work at once, but the machine is still under heating and motor still work.

Molding machine suppliers in China can tell you how to choose injection machine. For injection machine, clamping capacity is one of the very critical things. Clamping force means the max strength of the machine plate to clamp moulds. When we producing thin wall products, molding machine clamping capacity is very important, because the thickness of the wall is thin, if the clamping force is not strong enough, when mould close and do plastic injection, the molding area is hot, and internal pressure will push to divide the core and cavity, in this case, if the clamping strength is not big enough, flash will easily happens to the plastic parts. So when you buy a molding machine, please kindly consider molding machine clamping capacity.

Dakumar provides customer rock bottom price, shortest delivery time, high quality products and convenient transport. If you have new project about molding machine, please feel free to contact us.

Machines for the PET Injection Moulding having better molding standards

A special series is designed for PET material performing. Its mature design satisfied all the customers in PET performing.

As per the material property of PET & the molding requirement of it, the experienced engineer team designed the PET machine especially for the application.PET Preform Moulding Machines

 PET machine basic specification:

  1. Large diameter bolt design & L or D ratio.
  2.  Good plasticization capability.
  3. Comprehensive machine structure, distended space among the tie bars, mold open stork, mold thickness, & discharge stroke.
  4. 4 or above stage accurate temperature PID manage for barrel.
  5. Spring nuzzle used for PET machine which is below 400T, a hydraulic plunger for 400T, meeting the customers’ particular requirements by efficiently avoiding the overflow.
  6. PET Dehumidify dryer chosen for the PET resin’s particular demands of eliminating the moisture.
  7. Suitable for both varied pump & stander pump.

Cavities PET Perform Moulding Machines obtainable is a well recognized machine for better molding standards being employed in its construction. The pet preform moulds are supported by well examined process technology that permits us to make certain in these accuracy finish structure standards & best functional values. Here, we have successfully developed advanced hot runner preform moulds from 1 cavity to 24 cavities for standard neck pets. Other than that, we also have 2 series perform tool designs where one series adopts rectifying system for performs wall thickness & the other one is standard structure. The specification those are made available in include Cavity of 16, Length(mm) of 810, Width(mm) of 400, Thickness(mm) of 520 & Weight(kg) of 1300. To get a deep knowledge about PET Preform Moulding Machines, please go through my website http://www.dakumar.com/