The beautiful looking plastic products are produced by injection machines. Injection molding machine is a machine for manufacturing plastic product by injection molding process. This machine will convert the solid raw plastic materials into molded part through melting, injecting and cooling process. Injection molding is the process of manufacturing parts by injecting materials into a mold. Mold is a hollow metal block into which molten plastic is injected to form a specified shape. Plastic injection machineries are widely used for manufacturing variety of parts from small elements to entire body parts of car. Plastic injection machine is divided into two units. They are clamping unit and injection unit. The three main function of clamping unit are opening, closing a die and ejecting a product. To melt the plastic by heat and then injecting the molten plastic into the mold are the function of injection unit. The two kinds of plastic injection machines are horizontal injection machine and vertical injection machine. Vertical injection machine are versatile and horizontal machine are very popular.Plastic injection machine

Horizontal injection machine consist of hopper, barrel, clamping unit, molding screw and heater bands etc. The hopper is like a funnel in shape, it is a place where plastic resin is placed for injection. The plastic can be fed into the hopper either automatically or manually. This machine consists of a series of heater band around the barrel, in order to maintain an even temperature throughout the injecting process. The screw has a dual function in plastic injection machines. They are, melting the plastic and injecting into the mold. After getting the required amount of molten plastic, the injection process will be started. To get a deep knowledge about Plastic injection machine, please go through my website .


Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machines Features And Uses

Pet bottle molding machine got good obligation from the customers due to the best quality and   the mass production can be produced by the molding machine. The PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine is  fitted in the clean place to maintain hygiene. It is being manufactured with high quality constituents and its available in various shapes, size, color and specifications. Then it has the capability of producing bottles up to 2500 bottles per hour.PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine

The fully automated bottle molding machine produces up to 1500 – 2000 depending on the shape of the bottle. And the pet bottle machine is energy efficiency, less cost for maintenance, manufacturing time is less and easy way to produce the pet bottle in the machine, hence  it’s the stake for pet bottle industry. The pet bottle machine satisfies the customer needs by providing the latest models and shapes. Then the molding machine  ZQ-B1500-8  has  the stable two step stretch automatic machine fully automated with eight cavities. Hence 2.0L is the product’s maximum value.This model machine is particularly made for the production of pet water, hot filling, juice, oil and drinks and it has the capability of producing maximum output up to 9000 bottles per hour with the capacity of 2 liters. The advanced hydraulic mold clamping system will help the machine runs stable and it’s capable of producing various sizes, the servo conveying system gives output as high accuracy, and high speed. The top class air supply assures quick response in the machine and provides uniformity  products with best quality,its easy to operate with full automatic human interface system. We are the innovative designers and we help the conveynor to move the bottles from molding to filling machine smoothly. To get a deep knowledge about PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine, please go through my website .

Cap Manufacturing By Cap Molding Machine

Some plastic products are made with the supporting part in which its absence will be an incomplete product. Such part is said to be ‘cap’. The products such as storage bottles, storage containers and writing pens, etc. has the use of caps. The dimensions of the cap vary with the product design and its utilization. The strength of the cap is normally tough, so high density plastic is used for molding. The cap molding machine, we produce has high quality molds and the reciprocating screws made of stainless steel alloys to avoid corrosion and embedding of molten plastics. To produce the plastic caps, the plastic granules are compressed by the reciprocating screw and it is heated up to transform to the molten stage. The reciprocating screw is driven by the electrical drives and it pushes the molten plastic towards the nozzle.Our machine’s nozzle has the peculiar design to create pressure when the plastic is injected into the mold. The cap molding machine can be of multiple cavity mold or multi cavity with different dimensions in the mold. The molding process involves two molds, the stationary mold and the movable mold. Both the molds are fitted to their respective supporting plates. The movable supporting plate has ejecting pins to eject the products out of the mold after cooling the molded plastic.Cap Molding Machine

The clamping system is fitted to the movable supporting plate to compress the molds for the molding process. We use hydraulic clamping as it was well effective and has high performance for fast processing. The pressure applied by the reciprocating screw should be optimized to avoid product defects like flash defect that occurs over pressure and shot defect due to improper flow of molten plastic into the cavities. After some cycle of the process, the molds are to be cleaned and maintained to maintain the quality of the product. We promise you that  our molding machines are best in performance and makes no chance no production loss. To get a deep knowledge about Plastic Cap Molding Machine, please go through my website .