Dakumar Machinery: A leading Molding machine Manufacturer

Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD is one of the Sino holding group’s subsidiaries. It’s molding machine manufacturer. In order to let customers know our molding machine more clear, following we will talk about molding machine configuration, molding machine design, molding machine service, molding machine technology, molding machine line and so on.

Dakumar molding machine configuration adopt imported high parts, such as molding machine controller is use MIRLE made in Taiwan, molding machine Breakers is use Schneider made in France, molding machine Electronic Ruler is use Fort three pcs made in USA, molding machine Thermocouple is use Anole made in Germany, molding machine AC Contactor is use Schneider made in France, molding machine Photoelectric Switch is use OMRON made in Japan, molding machine Air Switch is use LG made in Korea, molding machine Single-phase Breaker is use Schneider made in France, molding machine relay is use OMRON made in Japan, molding machine Relay Socket is use Sino-Italy, molding machine Hydraulic Motor is use Intermot made in Italy, molding machine Air valve is use Sino-Italy, molding machine Pump is use Yuken made in Japan, molding machine Lateral Sliding is from Taiwan.

Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD divide molding machine into several parts: injection unit, electronically controlled unit, clamping unit, hydraulic unit, and adjustment unit. The special molding machine design is to make the repair easier. Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD is continuing improvements for plastic injection molding machine design. The different raw material, DKM can design different molding machine for you. Special raw material, the plastic molding machine is different, like PVC molding machine frame is bigger. What’s more, the molding machine screw and barrel design is according to the raw material, for example, PVC and PET need them special screw. Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD can help you design a special molding machine according your requirement.

Regard to molding machine service, Dakumar machinery CO., Ltd has 90% export to other countries, but customer don’t need to worry about the molding machine service after shipment. Dakumar molding machine have a special after sale service, we can dispatch our engineer to customers companies to help you to adjust the machine. In many countries, Dakumar molding machine had built our agent, when the molding machine has something wrong with it, our molding machine agent will help you to solve it as soon as possible. Dakumar molding machine purpose is to provide every customer a rest assured purchase.

Dakumar molding machine manufacturer could provide you molding machine technology train when customer have no molding machine engineer or engineer not know the molding machine very well. To the contrary, customer also could ask your engineer to Dakumar molding machine factory to learn, Dakumar molding machine engineers are very glad to teach you the technology. Dakumar molding machine manufacturer also provide turnkey project, turnkey project means you only have factory, but no equipments and engineers, Dakumar molding machine manufacturer could supply you the project completion line, including molding machine, mould, auxiliary machine, factory design and technology train.

Dakumar molding machine manufacture can supply you molding machine line, because Sino holding group have 7 subsidiaries, including Sino mould, Dakumar molding machine, Anole hot runner, Automotive parts mould and so on. So Dakumar molding machine manufacturer is a professional molding machine line supplier. Dakumar molding machine line can provide you a perfect solution. What you need is just offer us the sample or the drawing or even the concept of the parts, then we will supply you the final solution.


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