Auto loader, hopper dryer and plastic molding machine: 3 useful machines


Auto loader is a highly useful device which is widely used in the plastic industry. It comes stuffed with exciting features some of which have been discussed below:

  1. Safety: It is designed in a manner that it can be operated smoothly and safely. The entire operation is controlled by MicroTip computer.
  2. Independent filter: An independent filter is designed which cleans up dust very efficiently.
  3. Less noisy: It is also equipped with a muffler that decreases the noise level and helps in its smooth and silent operation.
  4. Light weighted: It is light in weight thereby rendering it extremely convenient for cleaning.
  5. Durable: It is made up of strong metal and is designed in a manner that it lasts for several years without suffering from any sort of internal or external damage.
  6. Alarm system: It comes with an auto-buzzer which sends an alarm signal when it is lacking material.
  7. Self protection: The Auto loader is equipped with an auto-protective device that protects the device from overloading.

Hopper dryer from DAKUMAR is another useful device widely used in the plastic industry for drying plastics. Some of the features of a hopper dryer are explained below:Image

  1. Heat efficient: The machine is heat efficient and has been designed in a manner that it takes lesser time for drying the plastics.
  2. Precise temperature control: It comes with a precise temperature control system which helps to maintain an accurate temperature.
  3. Time saving: The machine is designed in a manner that it saves a lot of time.
  4. Labor saving: The machine also helps to save labor since its body and bottoms are separately designed thereby making it convenient to use.
  5. Superior design: Its design is superior which ensures that its efficiency and performance level is very high. Its exterior is made using a strong material which is not just tensile but also resists corrosion and climatic factors like rusting.
  6. Reliable: It is manufactured by a reputed company thereby making it reliable and trustworthy. Both its exterior and interior are designed in an impeccable manner that heightens its efficiency and ensures durability and high performance.

A Plastic Molding Machine is another device extensively used in the plastic industry for the manufacture of plastic and plastic products. It is used to manufacture a number of plastic products including plastic bottles, cutlery, surgical tools, game pieces and toys. Make sure that you buy it from a well-known manufacturer like DAKUMAR to get completely genuine and reliable product. You are advised to surf the internet thoroughly before ordering a molding machine. Chief features of a molding machine can be summed up as follows:

  • It is a highly efficient machine which enjoys superior design and high productivity
  • It is an energy-efficient device which can save up to 60% of total electrical energy
  • It is a low-noise device which emits very low or no noise during operation
  • Plastic molding machine is a high-performing device that works with greater speed and lasts longer than ordinary machines.



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